Felysa’s Artist Bio

Felysa is a pianist and singer from Hungary in Eastern Europe who has navigated the ever-changing music landscape with tenacity and determination. As an unsigned vocalist, songwriter, and pianist, her artistic journey has been characterized by her determination and a strong desire for independence.

This artist’s musical career illustrates the historical hurdles experienced by female musicians, notably in Hungary, where male dominance was prevalent. However, her unwavering commitment to jazz, combined with her recent journey into playing the piano, has sparked a new era in her career that promises an inspiring trajectory of creativity and self-discovery.

Early Life

Felysa was born and raised in an Eastern European communist country until the early 2000s. During that era, the music industry, much like other sectors of society, was primarily male-dominated, which created challenges for aspiring female singers. Female singers often depended on male support to advance their careers at that time. As a result, Felysa was psychologically affected by the lack of female songwriters in Hungary, leading her to dismiss songwriting during her younger years.

Even with the challenges of growing up under the communist regime, her upbringing was enriched by her family’s intellectual background. In addition, her formative years were full of creativity and openness because she grew up around writers, artists, and musicians. As time passed, she discovered English-language music through her mother’s record collection and dreamt of visiting New York.

Musical Awakening and Early Performances

In the late 1970s, a classmate exposed Felysa to The Beatles’ music, which left a lasting influence on her musical journey. She developed a strong passion for collecting their records, then fully immersed herself in their music, finding inspiration in the work of Paul McCartney. As the 1980s introduced more Western musical influences to Hungary, Felysa was able to explore more genres of music, and her passion for singing grew.

During high school, she joined an alternative punk ensemble called “Office Atmosphere” as her initial foray into the world of performance. Although the band’s existence was short-lived, Felysa’s talent was evident, and her time on stage sparked a lifelong passion for performing.

Professional Growth and Career Advancement in Music

In the early 1990s, she honed her live performance skills by frequenting the emerging karaoke bars in Budapest while fantasizing about a music career. However, she lacked professional support and chose to pursue a career in the film industry to support her ambitions. Over time, she established her thriving production company, which focused on creating TV commercials and pioneering music videos.

In 1996, Felysa’s life took a musical turn when she was invited to be part of a musical film called “Dollybirds.” This event officially introduced her as a singer, and the film’s soundtrack gained considerable popularity in Hungary, paving the way for her future musical pursuits.

Exploring Jazz and International Collaborations

Felysa’s journey led her to discover jazz music, after which she began collaborating with local jazz musicians by performing in trios and quartets. Her musical tastes were shaped by her undying love of New York City and American music, especially the compositions of George Gershwin. Motivated by her passion for jazz, she resided in Manhattan for several years to fully immerse herself in the vibrant jazz scene.

Her experiences in New York provided her with new perspectives on art and professionalism, exposing her in particular to Motown, soul music, and the rich history of popular culture. Being a female artist, she found inspiration in New York’s subculture, which fueled her desire for musical independence.

After returning to Hungary, Felysa had the opportunity to collaborate with Arpad Tzumo, a talented jazz pianist and composer who had studied under the guidance of Herbie Hancock. They collaborated to produce her debut jazz album, “SENSES,” in New York. This was followed by their second album, “Vintage,” which showcased jazz adaptations of beloved 1960s love songs.

Exploring A New Musical Journey

Felysa’s perspective on her previous projects and collaborations was altered during the pandemic, and she started yearning for greater musical independence. This realization inspired her to learn how to play the piano and embark on a journey to develop her own unique style. At the age of 50, she finally found the freedom to redefine her musical career and explore her artistic identity.

With a newfound sense of purpose, she looks forward to the future with excitement, eager to grow her music career and make timeless art that speaks to people worldwide. She intends to create a second musical chapter with originality and creativity through her unwavering commitment and hard work.

Artistry And Influence

Felysa’s music is heavily influenced by musical legends such as The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin, and Madonna. Her sounds exude vividness, sensuality, and a wide of emotions. Additionally, her tracks elicit emotions of love, nostalgia, hope, and the captivating allure of dreaming big.

Her music compositions create the perfect ambiance for intimate moments, such as slow dancing with a loved one or enjoying the company of friends on a terrace. By sharing her life experiences, Felysa aims to inspire and connect with her audience, particularly women who may draw strength from her journey of pursuing her dreams at an age when many might hesitate to embark on new endeavors.

Discography And Notable Mentions

Felysa’s discography includes two albums: “SENSES” and “VINTAGE.” Both were made in the early 2000s and re-released for digital platforms in 2021. These albums include her collaborations with skilled musicians, presenting a beautiful blend of jazz and soul influences. Her newest project, “Felysa Live Session,” marks her début as a pianist-singer, captivating audiences with her renditions of classic and contemporary songs.

The artist’s musical journey has also been enriched by collaborations with renowned musicians such as Arpad Tzumo, Massimo Biolcati, Gergo Borlai, Akos Jonas, and Csaba Tzk, among others. These talented performers added depth and intrigue to her albums “SENSES” and “VINTAGE.” In addition, the recent “Felysa Live Session” project benefited from the expertise of Grammy-winning sound engineer James Auwarter, who handled the mixing and mastering procedures with precision.